Our Guest Judge – Adriana Varela

Jul162013_00272 etd 2 md

Adriana Varela inspires us daily, her photographs are real, many photographs of her boys outside, doing what boys do! – playing in dirt, building forts and exploring nature. She was the perfect judge to choose our overall winner this week and we can’t thank her enough.

Aug272013_0084 etd md

1) How long have you been taking photographs and what inspired you to start?

I began my photography journey in 2002, soon after the birth of my oldest son.

2) What camera and lens do you use the most?

I use my Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 the most.

3) Name a photographer that inspires you?

A photographer that inspires me is Sarah Wolfe (Sarah Wolfe Photography on Facebook)

4) Tell me one obstacle that you’ve had to overcome since becoming a photographer…

One obstacle I had to overcome since becoming a photographer is learning to shoot RAW. I was intimidated of it for so long and looking back I have no idea why I waited so long.

5) What was your favourite session you have done?

My favourite session is usually my most recent session. There is something special about every session I shoot and I usually can’t stop editing them until I go out and shoot another session.

6) Do I have plans to offer mentoring in the future?
Actually I have never really thought about it. I suppose I may one day if there is enough interest but I honestly don’t know if I have the confidence in myself to teach others. So my answer is perhaps someday, when I feel I have enough experience.Sep152013_0025 etd md

7) You seem to shoot a lot of photographs in wooded areas, how do you make sure your photographs are sharp with such little light source?

Yes, I do shoot most of my images in the thick of the woods. How do I keep my images sharp? I’m thinking its the combination of my lens and exposure. My favourite lens is the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 and I almost always tend to underexpose a tad SOOC.

8) What setting do you have your camera on for Active D-lighting? I have mine on Auto and I feel that often it chooses to over-compensate for background light and I lose the contrast between the subject and the light. But when I put it to high or even normal the subject becomes way too dark.

My Active D-Lighting is set to normal mode. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in this since switching to RAW.

I would like to thank @The Dark Room for asking me to judge this challenge. It has been a pleasurable experience 🙂

September 15, 2012-72-etd md

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