‘The Golden Hour’ – Top Ten

The golden hour – sometimes known as magic hour, is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day.When the sun is on the horizon, just after sunrise and again just before sunset, it casts a delightfully warm light. Photographers affectionately refer to this usually brief period as the golden hour I imagine you may have witnessed this phenomena many times.

I always feel as if there is an air of magic when this light is literally glowing on the horizon, in the first hours of the day there is a unique feeling of freshness and  revitalisation.  And at the end of the day a sensation of contentment and warmness, from the incandescence of this enchanting light.

We had an amazing number of Golden Hour submissions this week, we loved seeing every image,  thank you all for getting involved.

Here are our Top Ten – it was a very difficult task indeed….. If you click on each name it will take you to their Facebook page.


Kate T Parker Photography

Kate T Parker is our overall top image for the week and will be featured on our Timeline Cover for the rest of this week – with this pretty awesome shot – which I think you’ll all agree is a very worthy winner and totally inspiring.

And thank you so much to Summer from Summer Murdock Photography for being our wonderful guest judge this week.

Arrow Creek PhotographyArrow Creek Photography

Baby Love PhotographyBaby Love Photography

everyday momentsEveryDay Moments

ginger unzueta photographyGinger Unzueta Photography

janet crouchJanet Crouch


Laura BabbLaura Babb – Babb Photo

Lindy Jo PfaffLindy Jo Pfaff

melissa bradfield photographyMelissa Bradford Photography

springInGreen Family PhotographySpringInGreen Family Photography

veronika G photographyVeronika G Photography


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