‘Black and White’ Top Ten

Wow, what can we say?!  You guys are phenomenal!  We had some truly inspirational photos submitted this week – how Kate T Parker has chosen from all of them, I don’t know, I would not have wanted to!  We thank you all for sharing your stunning work with us, we honestly had such a hard time choosing a top ten, but here they are…


A/Z Photography


Carolyn Mendelsohn Bespoke Photography


Phyllis Meredith Photography


Katy Tuttle Photography


Emma Wood


Summer Murdock Photography


Suzie Ziemke Photography


Amanda Adams Photography


Picture Esc Photography


SummerK Photography

Kate T Parkers worthy winner is this gorgeous shot by Phyllis Meredith Photography and will be our header image for the next week!  Kate, thanks so much from all of us at The Dark Room for judging our theme this week!


Phyllis Meredith Photography


3 thoughts on “‘Black and White’ Top Ten

  1. Amanda Adams says:

    Soooo honored!! Thank you!

    And congratulations to the others who were chosen. There were a TON of stunning submissions this week!

  2. Julie Moses says:

    YAY! Phyllis Meredith!!! She is SO AWESOME!!

  3. Philip Lenz says:

    The photo by Picture Esc Photography is AMAZINGGGG! Wow!

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