Top Ten ‘unconventional portrait’

Yet again, you guys never cease to amaze and inspire us with your wonderful interpretations of the theme…

Here are the Top ten we selected for ‘unconventional portrait’

stacey kron

Stacy Kron Photographyamy

Amy Butterfield Photographybloom and grow

Bloom & Grow Photographyimage421

Image 421 PhotographyJENNIFER NOBRIGA

Jennifer Nobriga PhotographyPURPLE SHEEP

Purple Sheep Photographyrowe timson

Rowe Timson Photographyc gonzalez

C. Gonzalez Photography
goodness grace

Goodness Grace Photography

And this weeks best image as chosen by Amy Grace from A Beautiful Life Photo is…tdrdec1

Lindsey Bergstrom Photography

Oh my goodness, was this a tough one. I nearly had to go the route of a three way tie. There were three that kept me coming back…… But then…
Lindsey Bergstrom and the image of her daughter’s eyes framed in shadow and light, looking up:
“When a portrait really works, it is as if a spotlight is upon the subject. Time stops and stretches on. Portraits can be the forever inside of us. The way we look from the inside out. The way we are known and seen. When I saw this image, I took a deep breath and felt like everything made sense. It stands on its own, a complete sentence. I feel as if Lindsey’s daughter is looking up at hope. Emotionally, it makes sense, and to me, and transcends any technical strengths…which are many. Visually, this is lush and rich and suggestive, like a poem with light. Simple, and everything but. A careful act of love made into art.”
thanks for including me .
amy grace


2 thoughts on “Top Ten ‘unconventional portrait’

  1. Meagan Dwyer says:

    I love Amy Grace’s words…these are stunning images!

  2. […] I’m once again humbled that my image had been selected on the top ten images for the theme ‘Unconventional Portrait’ over at The Dark Room. […]

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