Guest Blog Spot JellyBean Pictures

This weeks Guest Photographer on the blog is Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman of JellyBean Pictures!  I just love her natural, beautiful style, but here is a bit about Jennifer in her own words…!

I’ve been shooting for as long as I knew what a camera was, but never realized it could turn into something more until a friend of mine launched her business. At the time I was developing another business, a clothing company for children with hip dysplasia. My friend knew I loved photography and I was already shooting pictures of my daughter with a camera that was better than most ‘moms’ possessed (the good ol’ Nikon D40). She encouraged me to also try it, but I was so bogged down with my other labor of love I just couldn’t fit in the time to devote to it.

Fast forward a year later, a little breathing room presented itself, and I launched JellyBean Pictures. The name came from a phrase I say to my daughter after every bath “Clean as a JellyBean.” Not that JellyBeans are known for their cleanliness- HA-but they are shiny and new looking.

The success I have had with it thus far has been astounding. What I love about it is that 99% of my business comes from referrals from happy moms/dads who are so excited to have their little ‘bean’ captured as they are… not forced. Kids are kids and you never know what you are going to get- I love that.

When I shoot, there is no sense of rushing, no feeling that anything is canned,’staged,’ and no background reeking of that ‘backdrop’ feel. Just pure, natural kids and their family in their own environment.

Makes for some amazing memories.

pinchin-1 pinchin-2 pinchin-5 pinchin-7 pinchin-10 pinchin-15 pinchin-19 pinchin-21 pinchin-25 pinchin-29 pinchin-41 pinchin-43 pinchin-44 pinchin-54 pinchin-61 pinchin-77

Please do visit Jennifers blog to see more of her stunning work or show her some love on Facebook


One thought on “Guest Blog Spot JellyBean Pictures

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! JellyBean Pictures is just amazing.

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