Top Ten – ‘Tree’

WOW – We thought that choosing ‘Tree’ as a theme this week would be pretty good since most people we know have Christmas trees up! – Obviously we were open to any kind of tree, but we didn’t expect to see so many amazing photographs! I can’t tell you how many we had to leave out because there are only ten to choose. There’s 3 of us at The Dark Room HQ and we each pick 3 every week, I could have picked 10 myself – We wanted to mention a few names who we really struggled with letting go… Sara Garcia, Yasmina Cowan, Melissa Finstad Pizzalato & Sarah Landa – you ROCK.
We did whittle it down though… and we LOVE these


Jackie Tyghem Photography


Hugh Whitaker Photography


Amanda Burr Photography


Little Bud Photography


Pinball Photography


Kat Weatherill Photography


Sweet Magnolia Photography


Kate T Parker Photography


Krista Resnick Photography


Cara Soulia Photography

We were joined this week by the fabulous Amy Lancaster from Amy Butterfield Photography and she has chosen only one overall winner to grace our Facebook Timeline cover for the next week… I’ve been in touch a lot this week with Amy and we were both in love with so many of the same photos – I agree completely with her winning image and understand why she kept coming back to it…


1510668_944213811982_1757671428_n Hugh Whitaker Photography


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