Top Ten – ‘Best of 2013’

What a week! – First of all we hope you’ve all had a great time over the festive period and we wish you all happiness for 2014.

We have loved seeing all your best photos from the year and we know how hard it is to choose just a couple to post to our page… Photographs aren’t always about what’s right technically but more about the moment that your photographing – We really enjoyed being the judges ourselves this week too! –

So without further a do, here’s THE DARK ROOM’S TOP TEN for the last week of the year!
Click on the photograph to link through to their Facebook Page ❤


Simply Laura Photography


Captured By Carrie Photography


Photography by Rebecca Leimbach


Amy Butterfield Photography


Lulu & Lula Photography


Magnolia Adams Photography


Jennifer Nobriga Photography


Elena S Blair Photography


Pinball Photography


Bloom & Grow Photography

We deliberated all morning about who should grace the cover of our timeline… There was really only one winner, and luckily we ALL agreed…
The light, composition, the moment and the fact we’re all a fan of a silhouette meant there was really only one winner…

We’ll be posting our theme for next week on our Facebook Page later in the day… From us all, ‘Have a good ‘en’

Erin, Charlotte & Lesley-Anne.


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