TOP TEN – ‘Pet’ images – w/e 19/01/14

Ok, so seriously this week has been the hardest without a doubt. We have all struggled selecting our favourite 3 each. I whittled mine down to 17! I had to cut out photographs that I truly loved for ones that I loved a little bit more, I know it’s been just as hard for Lesley-Anne & Charlotte too! – BUT without further a do, here’s our top ten!


Erin McGregor Photography

Catherine Lubbat Photography


Kelly West Mars Photography


Sweet Life Pictures


Liz LaBianca Photography

65355_10152210364345850_1489983981_n (1)

El Hogan Photography


Phyllis Meredith Photography


BirdsDream Design


Wendy Rakvica Photography


she saw things: photography by jen downer

Our guest judge this week was Rebecca Leimbach, Photography by Rebecca Leimbach I know myself and the girls have been in awe of Rebecca’s work for quite some time and it has been an absolute pleasure having her on board for a week – a wonderful person, photographer and she’s made us laugh on numerous occasions! –

Thank you Rebecca

So, Rebecca’s job was to choose just ONE image as our theme winner… in her own words…

‘First I want to say thank you to the ladies of The Dark Room, this was a very fun experience for me. I didn’t want to tell you but I’m grossly unqualified to judge anything…. except maybe a pie eating contest, I could totally judge that.

Choosing just one image was really difficult, there really were so many images that I could have picked. The minute I saw El Hogan’s image my heart stopped. There are not enough adjectives I could use to describe the way the image makes me feel. It immediately makes you want to understand what is going on in it.

The story behind the image is pretty amazing, if you don’t know it, you can find it here:…/2013/12/05/seisha/ It’s a story of devotion, a story of caring more for other’s then for yourself, a story of survival and a story of love. It’s everything an image should be, it screams at you “I have a story to tell, please, sit down with your pie and listen”.’

65355_10152210364345850_1489983981_n (1)
Congratulations El Hogan ❤


One thought on “TOP TEN – ‘Pet’ images – w/e 19/01/14

  1. Meagan Dwyer says:

    All of these are beautiful!! Rebecca’s words on the winning photo are moving!! Perfect choice! And I love Phyllis Meredith’s image — hysterical and perfectly captured!!!!!

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