GUEST BLOG SPOT – Amanda Voelker Photography

For a photographer, a personal project is a great way to ensure that their own lives are documented in the midst of creating memories for clients.  Be it a challenging 365 or a 10 on 10, its motivation to pick up that camera for you!  When I saw a talented group of photographers had started a Facebook page to show their coverage of 30 minutes of their lives each month of this year, it peaked my interest, I wanted to see that in my news feed!  I was so pleased when Amanda Voelker submitted her ’30 minutes in the Life:January’ as a blog feature and so here it is – a little glimpse into her life….

“This month we’ve spent a lot of time indoors.  In fact, other than walking to and from school, the grocery store and the occasional gelato trip, we’ve been pretty much home bound.  We’ve had fun, but I think we’re all going a little stir crazy and are ready for this seemingly constant rain to let up.

When I picked up my camera for this month’s 30 minutes, I didn’t realized that’s what I would be shooting.  The diffused light from the rain was so pretty I just asked Scarlett to go stand by the window for me.  She walked over to the window willingly, but then started to cry…and I mean really cry.  I didn’t understand why and she didn’t talk, so I took her picture because that sweet little sad face is so precious. Then she ducked behind her curtain and came out the other side smiling.  It was amazing!  I knew that this would be my 30 minutes.  We would take an intimate portrait of 30 minutes in the emotional life of my 3 year old.”

AmandaVoelker-1 AmandaVoelker-2 AmandaVoelker-3 AmandaVoelker-4 AmandaVoelker-5 AmandaVoelker-6 AmandaVoelker-7 AmandaVoelker-8 AmandaVoelker-9 AmandaVoelker-10 AmandaVoelker-11 AmandaVoelker-12 AmandaVoelker-13 AmandaVoelker-14 AmandaVoelker-15 AmandaVoelker-16Please go and check out more of Amanda’s beautiful work!


3 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG SPOT – Amanda Voelker Photography

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my little project!

  2. Beautiful, Amanda! She’s precious and I love all the angles and expressions captured! So so sweet!!!

  3. What a fascinating idea – and a beautiful set of images

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