GUEST BLOG SPOT – L J Holloway Photography

We are lucky enough this week to be featuring the outstanding talent of Lisa Holloway of L J Holloway Photography!  Her images exude warmth and beauty as she embraces her surroundings for her stunning environmental portraits.  Feast your eyes people…!

LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-01 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-02 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-03 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-04 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-05 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-06 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-07 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-08 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-09 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-10 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-11 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-12 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-13 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-14 LJHolloway-Photography-Las-Vegas-Photographer-15Do please go and check out Lisa’s website or Facebook page – every image is breathtaking…!


2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG SPOT – L J Holloway Photography

  1. Terri says:

    Lisa’s work is simply amazing!

  2. I’ve followed Lisa’s work for years. It is, quite simply, the best environmental portraiture. Thanks for sharing.

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