GUEST BLOG SPOT – Viveash Photography

Its guest blog spot time again!  We have a beauty for you!  Today we are sharing the work of Rebecca from Viveash Photography.  I’ve spotted her work on The Dark Room – its raw and real and it is beautiful.  This session covers Rebecca’s gorgeous daughter Daisy-Belle having her first school dress made in Jakarta, Indonesia.  I won’t babble on any further, I’ll let her powerful imagery speak for itself.

DSC_1300small DSC_1303small DSC_1319small DSC_1320small DSC_1323small DSC_1326small DSC_1327small DSC_1328-2small DSC_1331small DSC_1335small DSC_1340small DSC_1342small DSC_1344small DSC_1346small DSC_1348small DSC_1352small DSC_1899small DSC_1901small DSC_1905small DSC_1911small

Do please head over to Rebecca’s website or Facebook page to appreciate more of her stunning work!

One thought on “GUEST BLOG SPOT – Viveash Photography

  1. Meagan Dwyer says:

    I am so taken by Viveash Photography! So real!

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