GUEST BLOG SPOT – Anna Christine Photography

Hello and welome to this weeks Guest Blog Spot!  Today we are featuring a gorgeous, Spring fresh blog post from Anna Christine Photography.  These are her own words about where she lives….

“Olympia is a place of beauty. It’s bigger than what we’re used to but still feels like a small community. The road leading to our home is dense with moss-covered trees. It’s a sight we admire every time we pass. Trails begin at the road and twist through the land, which is now a preservation. We finally took a small break from working on our house and explored Watershed park.

I wondered if everything seemed just as incredible to the people jogging through, or if  it was the newness that made me appreciate endless green, against a blanket of grey sky. We often forget the way we once felt when everything becomes routine. I hope I’ll always appreciate what’s around me with the same enthusiasm as these first few weeks. This is where we want to be.”

watershed 5

watershed 15watershed 17watershed 3new dipnew dip 2watershed 18watershed 10watershed 6watershed 11watershed 14watershed 16

watershed newwatershed 7watershed 8

Please visit Anna’s Facebook page/website to see more of her beautiful work!


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