GUEST BLOG SPOT – Angels with Dirty Faces Photography

Today we are featuring some home grown UK talent and that always excites me!  This is the wonderful work of Denise from Angels with Dirty Faces Photography who sent us a link to her finished 365 Project (a subject close to my own heart, since I’m 3 months into my own!).  Denise’s work is beautiful and I just love the variety she has managed to capture – its a daunting task to take on!  I’ll let her tell you her feelings about it in her own words…

“i started this at the beginning of last year, i didn’t think i would finish it! the prospect of taking a photo a day for a whole year was, to say the least, quite daunting…but i did it! now, looking back on these shots i am so, so glad i did it. every picture reminds me of a day , just a simple everyday moment that i get back each time i look at these. i learnt a lot too, taking a shot each day really stretched my creativity. i looked for different ways to take a shot, looked at the light, the composition, colours…anything so i didn’t become bored and it didn’t become a chore. to be honest, some shots are better than others…life is busy and some days it got to 11 pm before i remembered to pick up my camera! some days (i think in total about 5) i forgot altogether. i made up these days though so i still have a complete 365 day project…and who’s checking anyway?! i am really pleased with my little project and know i will cherish these little snippets of our life forever, please take a look at my photo a day for a year…
my project 365….(you may need a cup of tea!!!)”

Do head over to Angels with Dirty Faces Photography’s Facebook page / Website to check out some more of Denise’s work! Links at the bottom!

20140320-365 1 20140320-365 2 20140320-365 3 20140320-365 4 20140320-365 5 20140320-365 6 20140320-365 7 20140324-365 8 20140324-365 9 20140324-365 10 20140324-365 11 20140324-365 12 20140324-365 13 20140324-365 14 20140324-365 15 20140324-365 16 20140324-365 17 20140324-365 18 20140324-365 19-2 20140324-365 20 20140324-365 21 20140324-365 22 20140324-365 23 20140324-365 24 20140324-365 25


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