GUEST BLOG SPOT – SallyKate Photography

Hello!!  This stunning array of images caught my eye this week – I think the entire session just exudes Springtime, gorgeous colours, soft, dreamy light, I adore it!  A few words from Sally Molhoek on the session…

“After having lived in Michigan as long as I did (that is, 3/4 of my life!), I am pretty accustomed to Spring coming, well, late. And then staying for about 10 minutes. 🙂 Now, I’ve moved to Dallas, where Spring showed up right when the calendar said it was supposed to, and I’ve been soaking it all in and enjoying every moment (even the crazy thunderstorms!), taking the opportunity to photograph the beauty of Spring in Texas, especially the beloved State Flower, the Bluebonnet.

Lucky me, I live a few minutes’ drive from a vast field of bluebonnets, and I had a blast with two of my kids in the golden hour light.”

Do go over to Sally’s website or Facebook page and show her some UK love!

untitled-30JF1A5818JF1A5726webJF1A5766JF1A5966web JF1A5904JF1A5859JF1A6172JF1A5761 JF1A5759JF1A6001JF1A5987JF1A5869JF1A6100JF1A6091JF1A5808JF1A6042JF1A6035JF1A5841JF1A5819JF1A5996JF1A6222JF1A6117JF1A5717


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