GUEST BLOG SPOT – Casey and her camera

Hello Dark Roomers!  Our theme is ‘Happy’ this week and since your images are a real lift I thought I’d continue the theme and blog something happy too!  I think you’ll agree (even if you’re not an animal lover like me!) that this is a happy session!  I’ll let the lovely Casey from Casey and her Camera tell you a little about it and if you love it like I do, go and check out her Facebook page!

‘I grew up without pets of any kind. So, naturally, the first thing I did when I moved out was get a dog. I didn’t know the first thing about raising or training an animal, so this has been a very experimental process. Pogo isn’t very well trained, but she’s a complete sweetheart and wants nothing more than to just be a little human in our little family. When given the chance, she will sit on the couch like a person, ride in a car like a person, and sleep in a bed like a person. On this morning, we invited her in and she happily took over a chunk of the bed and promptly fell to sleep. I couldn’t help but run and grab my big camera to snag these shots. These images will stay with me forever – my first dog, now almost 9 years old – tucked into bed with my husband like a little person, on a cold, Colorado morning… happy as a clam.’

caseyandhercamera1 caseyandhercamera2 caseyandhercamera3 caseyandhercamera4 caseyandhercamera5 caseyandhercamera6 caseyandhercamera7 caseyandhercamera8 caseyandhercamera9 caseyandhercamera10

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