TOP TEN ‘happy’ – w/e 04/05/14

Thank you all so much for posting so many fabulous ‘happy’ images to our Facebook page this week, each one has made us smile in it’s own way and it’s so uplifting to have such a lovely theme! – Without further a do, here’s our TOP TEN ‘happy’ images ❤


Leah Donaldson Photography


Chelsea Marie Photography


Elizabeth Renea Photography


Grace Baltic Photography


Bella Jewel Photography


Alison Kay Follen


Carrie Friesen Photography


Photography by Rebecca Leimbach


Goodness Grace Photography

Our guest judge this month was Sam Lawson from Samantha Photography (thank you so much for joining us Sam!) we are all in awe of her deep, moody real life photography we suggest you go check her out! Samantha Photography
– She chose our over all winner this week and the image that will grace our timeline cover for the next week! Here’s what she had to say…

‘It’s such a happy summery image, it makes ME happy just to look at it. The focus on her happy toothless smile is perfection…. I love it. Such beautiful colors and edit too!!



Bella Jewel Photography

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