GUEST BLOG SPOT – Jacqueline Rose Photography

Welcome to Thursday Blog Spot! I have to say I have a bit of a thing for film photography at the moment, it does seem to be enjoying a revival! So when Jacqueline Rose Photography sent over this beautiful blog session, all shot on film (and on a 40 year old camera no less!), I knew we had to show you it! A few words from the lady herself…

“I was so excited a while ago to pull out my old Pentax Spotmatic, a camera that I learned photography on over 20 years ago, and give it a whirl. This was my dad’s old camera and I remember going around our Brooklyn neighborhood with him, taking pictures of the boats in Sheepshead bay and some other familiar sites. At the time my brooklyn photos got to be displayed in Macy’s window, through my school’s photography contest, and I felt famous at 13 years old 🙂 I can still smell the darkroom chemicals, a wonderful smell that makes me so happy and brings back great memories.
So i got a few rolls of Kodak Portra 400 and Tri-X, and tried them out on this 40+ year old camera. Light meter is broken, manual focus on this is HARD, had some technical difficulties and realized how much I have to learn, but I’m ready to accept the challenge. The waiting for film developing and scans is absolute torture!!! But it’s like Christmas morning when you get them back!”

Do go and have a look at at Jacqueline Rose Photography’s Facebook page/blog and show her some love!

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