GUEST BLOG SPOT – Simply Kissed Photography

Thursday Greetings!  Ooo, I do love a guest blog spot!  As you may or may not know, I have an adoration of Lifestyle Photography and would love to shoot more like this myself (and get the Brits and our stiff upper lips away from formal portraits ;o).  I’m going to let the lovely Edith tell you about it in her words as she’s hit the nail on the head! I guarantee, you’ll smile at the end of it!

“Where do I start. This was probably one of the most epic photography sessions I have been to yet. When I talk to clients about doing something out of the box it is far more than just being original. It is about creating memories as a family. When Emily approached me with her idea of a Best Saturday Ever family Lifestyle session I couldn’t say yes fast enough. This is an incredibly sweet family that is so dedicated to the hearts of their children. This life is about knitting tight the bonds within each other.Starting with a dance party which is a regular event in their home, the kids got moves! Then we spent some time to pile on the couch in typical fashion & watch Three Amigos. I am very impressed that in today’s world these kids know almost every line. Of course if you have a movie you need to bake cookies, so there I sat as they taught their children the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that they have become famous for. Finally we ended with the greatest card game of war that there ever was. Every game should be played like this at least once in the kitchen. Some will see this session & think “no way! Never in my kitchen!” However, this is a day that their children laughed all afternoon. Their smiles literally could not get any bigger. They stared wide eyed with excitement at their parents as they too sat to throw flour & become children once again. In that moment, these were the coolest parents ever. The memory of this amazing day will be forever kept in their hearts, to be talked about for years to come. Like I said, family lifestyle sessions are about creating memories, knitting your family & staring at your once littles years after they grow.”

As always, if you love what you see, do please go and visit Simply Kissed on Facebook or the website!

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One thought on “GUEST BLOG SPOT – Simply Kissed Photography

  1. bev beckendorf (aka Granny) says:

    A fabulous family: faithful, fun, focused on what matters. The world is a better place because of them!

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