GUEST BLOG SPOT – Abigail Fahey Photography

I’m not going to waffle on about this weeks’ guest blog spot as I think Abigail’s words are perfect – a beautiful portrayal of a beautiful little girl!


‘The traffic was dreadful’…She announced stepping out of the car on my driveway. In front of me stood a bouncy 5 year old with the most incredible curly hair and amazing blue eyes, her name was Kitty.

I knew almost immediately this session would be funny, exhilarating and exhausting all at once! Her Mum Bex shot me a slightly anxious look and a shoulder shrug and went out to the car to grab Kitty’s amazing outfits… Kitty started telling me about her journey on the M3 and then promptly told me how messy my spare room was before she went into the lounge and introduced herself to my husband and then walked into my studio space ready to give me very clear instructions about how she wanted this shoot to go!

Bex walked back in barely able to see above the different coloured tulle and sparkly fabric that was Kitty’s wardrobe and we began planning the session. I honestly don’t think she took a breath between sentences and I couldn’t help but laugh in- between pressing my shutter and gasping at her wondrous hair and how fab she looked.

She showed me various dance moves and twirled and tip tapped around the studio…she flicked her beautiful mane of hair and flickered her long lashes over those blue eyes. At one point she decided she needed a break from being a model and wanted to become the photographer..I nervously handed over one of my camera’s and let her take a few shots.

‘She’s normally very quiet, I swear’ Said Bex utterly confused by this very animated young lady in front of us, ‘honestly, at school apparently she hardly talks’! ………It was hard to believe!

She was a total whirlwind of chatter, sparkle, frills and curls and I loved every minute of it. I took a deep breath as she left and went straight to my computer to see what I had captured…and this is what I found:





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