{Deep} Theme Top Ten 2/6/14

This weeks top ten is just completely awe-inspiring!

I think you’ll all agree there is some unbelievably beautiful imagery here….. sit back an enjoy!

Congratulations to all featured – you’re all so very, very talented!

a rock and a soft place

A Rock and a Soft Place

aimee t

Aimee T McNamee Photography

amy clemons

Amy Clemons Photography

christina hartman

Christina Hartman Photography

erin hensley

Erin Hensley Photography

jillian goulding

Jillian Goulding Photography


Kate T. Parker Photography

lb photography

LB Photography

lens and beauty

lens and beauty

And for this weeks winning image as chosen by Candice from Blissful Marvin Photography is…..

…. by Victoria Anne photography

In Candice’s own words;

‘This image was chosen because to me it epitomized what deep meant.  The deepness in thought and imagination was so intriguing and the way the light surrounded the subject made this memorable to me’

victoria anne

Victoria Anne Photography


Thank you all for your wonderful submissions and to Candice, thank you so much for being guest judge – you rock honey!

Love Lesley-Anne & Charlotte


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