GUEST BLOG SPOT – Tiffany Roberts Photography

Hello and welcome!  I do so hope its sunny in your corner of the world today!  We have a lovely freelensing blog session to feature today so if you were considering trying out our monthly challenge on Flickr, do have a look through this it will be sure to inspire you!

Backyard Paradise – an evening of Freelensing

‘Since the weather has turned warm we spend most of our waking hours outside in our backyard. It’s not the fanciest place to spend our time but we’ve made it our own little paradise. There is plenty of soft green grass, an organic garden, toys EVERYWHERE, and our favorite tree. On this particular evening my heart was so overflowing as I watched the kids playing together, the sweet giggles were enough to bring tears to the surface; oh, how I hope I never forget the sound of the giggles.’

Go visit Tiffany’s Facebook page/Website and show her some love!

TRP_7152 TRP_7160 TRP_7161 TRP_7171 TRP_7177 TRP_7178 TRP_7189 TRP_7192 TRP_7194 TRP_7197 TRP_7202 TRP_7210 TRP_7214 TRP_7219 TRP_7221



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