Welcome to this weeks Guest Blog Spot, hope this finds you enjoying some glorious weather!  Today we are featuring the stunning work of Cindy Cavanagh from Image 421!  Her work is everything that I love, vibrant colour and moody, emotion provoking black and whites!  Here’s an explanation of this glorious sun-drenched session in the Cindy’s own words…


‘One of the many images that appeared in my news feed last week was an image of a field of sunflowers. Sigh! I would love a portrait session in a field of sunflowers, and it is on my “must-do” session list. The image reminded me to investigate the possibilities close to home, so I hopped on to Google to find the closest farm. Sadly, I found out it is over 480km (300 miles) away. Mmmmm! So maybe that wasn’t a possibility for the weekend.

Then I needed to replenish our cupboards and fridge, so I moved on to the next line on my to-do list. As I walked into the supermarket, the first thing I saw were beautiful bunches of sunny sunflowers at the flower stand. I smiled at the connection, and added a bunch to my trolley. I mean, how could I not!

Back at home, I placed them in a bucket to photograph. I may not be able to visit a field, but I could still capture their beauty. My girls found me outside in the backyard with the sunflowers and a couple of wooden fruit crates. They asked if they could make a flower stand, and I loved the idea. They ran upstairs to change out of their school uniforms, and I quickly made a sign. They returned wearing matching dress, and I smiled.

This is our 30 minutes on the backyard, selling sunflowers at sunset. I may have started out wanting a field of sunflowers, but a bucket of sunflowers was more than enough.’


Do show Cindy some love by visiting her Facebook page or website!

cindycavanagh-(21-of-21) cindycavanagh-(11-of-21) cindycavanagh-(1-of-21) cindycavanagh-(17-of-21) cindycavanagh-(9-of-21) cindycavanagh-(16-of-21) cindycavanagh-(13-of-21) cindycavanagh-(19-of-21) cindycavanagh-(18-of-21) cindycavanagh-(6-of-21) cindycavanagh-(10-of-21) cindycavanagh-(5-of-21) cindycavanagh-(7-of-21) cindycavanagh-(4-of-21) cindycavanagh-(20-of-21) cindycavanagh-(8-of-21)





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