GUEST BLOG SPOT – Megan Evans Photography

This week we are touching on lifestyle with the fabulous Megan Evans Photography and a lovely little shoot to celebrate a new member of the family….

‘This was my second time photographing this family and the first time with new baby brother. Mom wanted to do this pictures as a Father’s Day gift for dad who was away on business. It killed me to have to wait to share them until after he saw them, but so worth it. I just love how big brother and sister interact with their baby brother. The little kisses. The cuddles. And that tiny little smirk on the baby just about killed me. Not to mention their gorgeous mama! It was just so fun jumping on the bed and being silly. Lifestyle sessions are my fave!’

To go show Megan some UK love, visit her at

2014-06-24_0001 2014-06-24_0002 2014-06-24_0003 2014-06-24_0004 2014-06-24_0005 2014-06-24_0006 2014-06-24_0007 2014-06-24_0008 2014-06-24_0009 2014-06-24_0010 2014-06-24_0011 2014-06-24_0012



2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG SPOT – Megan Evans Photography

  1. Jackie says:

    These are fantastic, Megan! I just love your lifestyle work.

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