GUEST BLOG SPOT – Becky A. Gardner Photography

Hello all and welcome to this weeks Blog spot.  This week we are featuring an amazing location session – the incredible beauty of Cambodia!  Heres Becky’s own words….




‘In october 2013, by some strange twist of fate, i learned of a wonderful adventure, appropriately named “The Raddest Photo Trip Ever,” and it so was. Bobby Earle, one of the absolute best people i have ever met (and an amazingly talented photographer), took a group of photographers at various levels in their careers on a rad and life-changing journey. amongst the crew were Mr. Nick Radrod and Miss Andria Lindquist, and holy cow, please go check out their work. incredible.

i have to admit, i was terrified. my only other trips out of the good ol’ usa were spent clinging to my other-half for guidance, and only with and alongside his encouragement, i decided this was a must-do. i was nervous to meet so many other photographers. while i feign being an extrovert, meeting so many new faces made the introvert in me shiver. so much independence and freedom. and, i’d be continents away from my babies. but, oh my, i’m so glad that i signed on.

from the moment i touched down in siem reap, cambodia, smiles were everywhere, mine and those of others, and i have never felt so absolutely overwhelmed with the world around me. i have been a lot of places. ok, maybe  not that many. regardless, this city was uniquely electric, both with an insane depth of history and humbling, impossible beauty. the beauty was everywhere. it’s almost unexplainable. the scenery was amazing. but, the people. i felt as though i was constantly surrounded by beautiful, authentic souls. i literally was falling out of my tuk-tuk, everywhere we went, trying to capture it all, as every single scene i encountered was something i wanted to capture forever. and while i hope these images represent some of the heart and life in siem reap and the surrounding areas in cambodia, they can’t tell you everything. i encourage you, if ever the opportunity presents itself–go! do it. this is a part of the world that must be experienced to be appreciated. i’ll spare you a history lesson, but life and it’s insane victories and struggles do not get more real than what i encountered here.

to the photographers and amazing people i met through this experience, thank you. so much. you have no idea. i will remember each of you forever and ever.

i literally took thousands of images, and it was impossible to pick any sort of favorites. but, here are a few, as edited down as i could get them. thank you for taking a minute to enjoy my incredible journey, through my lens.’

IMG_2847 IMG_2862 IMG_2889 IMG_2909 IMG_2930 IMG_2956 IMG_2999 IMG_3007 IMG_3049 IMG_3140 IMG_3238 IMG_3276 IMG_3398 IMG_3402 IMG_3404 IMG_3522 IMG_3533 IMG_3571 IMG_3587 IMG_3601 IMG_3673 IMG_3753 IMG_3895 IMG_3907 IMG_3940 IMG_3975 IMG_4008 IMG_4012 IMG_4014 IMG_4038 IMG_4100 IMG_4140 IMG_4170 IMG_4180 IMG_4191 IMG_4209 IMG_4215 IMG_4221 IMG_4222 IMG_4230 IMG_4259 IMG_4261 IMG_4323 IMG_4338 IMG_4374 IMG_4381 IMG_4392 IMG_4436 IMG_4454 IMG_4460 IMG_4503 IMG_4542 IMG_4612 IMG_4654 IMG_4674 IMG_4680 IMG_4705 IMG_4707 IMG_4923 IMG_4955 IMG_4964 IMG_4970 IMG_5015 IMG_5023 IMG_5045 IMG_5047 IMG_5057 IMG_5127 IMG_5131 IMG_5232 IMG_5290 IMG_5393 IMG_5438 IMG_5513 IMG_5583 IMG_5624 IMG_5651 IMG_5684 IMG_5693 IMG_5738 IMG_5774


2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG SPOT – Becky A. Gardner Photography

  1. Louise says:

    What a wonderful series of photos! I also loved your description of your experience in Cambodia. You photographed and wrote about your visit to Cambodia just as I wish I could have. I had the good fortune of going there last summer and it was just as you describe! Especially the “beautiful, authentic souls” I met while visiting there. I was on a family trip and tried my best to fulfill my desire to capture every moment without making my family crazy 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sheree says:

    Wow beautiful. 🙂

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