GUEST BLOG SPOT – Trina Cary Photography

Morning!  Got a lovely little blog session to share with you all today, I’m not going to gush, I’m going to let the talented Trina Cary speak for herself!  Enjoy!

Sam & Tiffany

“A couple nights ago, while waiting for the Super Moon to come out. I managed to convince my sister and her bf to do a quick photo shoot. I felt it was only suiting to take them in the very place they met just last year. Sam was a new crew member from New Zealand and my sister; the camp cook and after spending several months together in the middle of the bush it was Happily Ever After.

My favourite thing about Sam and my sister is that they both have tattoos that represent their nationality. My sister has an outline of a Maple Leaf behind her ear and Sam has “Made in New Zealand” on his neck, so of course I made sure to take a photo of both of them together”

0J9A7478 0J9A7481 0J9A7482 0J9A7501 0J9A7508 0J9A7510 0J9A7525 0J9A7538 0J9A7548 0J9A7559 0J9A7573 0J9A7577 0J9A7579 0J9A7583 0J9A7589 0J9A7594 0J9A7596 0J9A7602 0J9A7636 0J9A7641 0J9A7643 0J9A7649 0J9A7650 0J9A7659 0J9A7681 0J9A7684 0J9A7699 0J9A7701 0J9A7705 0J9A7713 0J9A7714 0J9A7715 0J9A7729 0J9A7731 0J9A7737 0J9A7739 0J9A7742 0J9A7748 0J9A7756-Edit 0J9A7781 0J9A7785 0J9A7807 0J9A7811 0J9A7818 0J9A7854 0J9A7857



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