GUEST BLOG SPOT – Erin Konrath Photography

This week we are featuring the beautiful work of Erin Konrath Photography.  Erin’s blog is just bursting at the seams with clean, crisp, stunning lifestyle images, a real feast for the eyes!  I was particularly taken with her glorious images she’d taken during the 4th of July celebrations earlier this summer.  I love firework images and always wish we in the UK coupled fireworks with a warm summer day instead of a dark, cold and usually wet November evening (*shakes fist at Guy Fawkes!*).    Do yourself a favour and head over to Erin’s website or her Facebook page to see some more of her work!

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One thought on “GUEST BLOG SPOT – Erin Konrath Photography

  1. kerry says:

    LOVE me some Erin Konrath!!!

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