GUEST BLOG SPOT – Sandra Jolly Photography

Welcome to this weeks Guest Blog Spot!  Today we have a beautiful session featuring two adorable sisters, shot by the wonderful Sandra Jolly Photography!  Do go and check out more of her work and show your appreciation to Sandra on her website or Facebook page!

“These gorgeous siblings are from my neighbourhood here in Sweden. I knew them to see for a couple of years, but I had no idea they were quite so charming. We had our shoot at a local park at the start of August, and they made my job so easy! Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but they have such sweet gentle souls, too. Pure joy.”

OD4A4543 OD4A4708 OD4A4552 OD4A4569-Edit OD4A4797 OD4A4591 OD4A4634 OD4A4711 OD4A4635 OD4A4690 OD4A4757 OD4A4827 OD4A4469 OD4A4650-2 OD4A4348 OD4A4461 OD4A4415


One thought on “GUEST BLOG SPOT – Sandra Jolly Photography

  1. Marie holland says:

    Very lovely shoot… What would you say is your go to lens for a shoot like this and is do this all natural light?

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