Guest Blog Spot ~ Holly Donovan Photo

We have a stunning session to share with you this week from Holly Donovan, I do love the mystery and softness of a lensbaby, and I think you’ll agree Holly has evoked some real magic here!

These images were taken during our most recent annual trip to Grand Beach, Michigan where we’ve spent the last several summers. Typically our stay is during the last few weeks of August, when other families have left their lake homes and headed back to the city (Chicago) to get ready for the school year. The beach is wide open, peaceful sometimes treacherous, and loaded with possibilities. The kids often get restless and bored, but the beach and water provide them with so much free thought and imagination. When photographing children, it’s often my own childhood memories that create vision in my work. To be in touch with who they are individually, their age, gender, personality all speak to this voice. I have 4 children, two adventurous boys and two bold and daring sweet girls. I remember what it was like to be their ages, and the wonderment, anxiety, excitement, and joy when seeing them through a lens. I chose to use the 24 1.4 on this day, as well as the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 optic. To be honest it was my second time using the Lensbaby, I fell in love with the muted tones of the clear water, overcast sky and beach and thought the blur would create some blending of those. I hope to put it to some good use coming fall!

Thank you for having me The Dark Room!
hollydonovanTDR-12 hollydonovanTDR-11 hollydonovanTDR-10 hollydonovanTDR-9 hollydonovanTDR-8 hollydonovanTDR-7 hollydonovanTDR-6 hollydonovanTDR-5 hollydonovanTDR-4 hollydonovanTDR-3 hollydonovanTDR-2 hollydonovanTDR

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