One of THE most important things when heading for a shoot is what you’re wearing and in an ideal world it should be planned well before the shoot date and especially if you’re wanting family photographs it’s very important that the clothing you’re wearing goes well together.

LOGOS & PATTERNS – OK so *some* logos can be fine, some can actually add to a photograph (think a little boy wearing a Superman T-Shirt!) But most just distract away from the photograph, pretty similar with patterns, try keep them subtle.

TIME OF YEAR – Take into consideration when your shoot is taking place, if it’s Autumn there will be lots of browns, oranges etc in your background so look at colours that either compliment or contrast against those.

DON’T MATCH TOO MUCH – The best advise I can give it to have a colour scheme of about 3 colours, perhaps 4, not everyone needs to wear all the colours but everyone should wear at least one that another person is wearing… this can even be something simple like a hair band or an accessory like a bunch of flowers – My all time favourite colour combinations are mustard, grey & white, OR Turquoise, Red & White…. someone needs to turn up wearing that!!!

DO ADD COLOUR – Do add colour! Hints of fushia pinks or bright turquoise can really help to make those photos pop, perhaps add them in accessories such as a necklace or shoes!

CLOTHING – You should be comfortable in what you’re wearing, but you should also wear something that perhaps isn’t your everyday clothing, I LOVE to photographs women in long dresses, maxi skirts etc (though there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans! – they are timeless!)

ACCESSORIES – Accessories are fabulous, not only do they help add colour to photographs they can be taken away and added and give your photos a different look, from cardigans / hats and scarves, to jewellery, umbrellas, teddies, blankets etc etc etc – bring them along!

Here a few photographs that I feel really help to understand the importance of colours and clothing in your photographs and how they can make everything ‘work’ to make the photographs more pleasing to the eye, the last one being a bit different, of course when you have a blank canvas such as snow as your background I’d suggest going all out crazy and get as many bold bright colours in there as you can!

Untitled-2Accessories add *so* much to your shoot – have a look below, from blankets, hats, scooters, hair bands, paper aeroplanes & flowers, they can add interest to your photograph but also help with lifestyle images where you don’t want them too posed, give a boy a sword and he’ll give you some pretty natural shots, being able to add an accessory and then remove it also gives your images a varied look.

Here are a couple of looks – a good idea is to choose the children’s outfits first since parents usually want more shots of the littles. Then base adult clothes on the ones you’ve picked.

look 1
look 2

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