‘Movement’ top ten 2/3/14

amy booker

Amy Booker photography

cherish bruck

Cherish Bryck Photography


Evelyne Photography

fran barker

Fran Barker Photography

leah robinson

Leah Robinson Photography

liz labianca

Liz Labianca Photography

megan alisa

Megan Alisa Photography


Samantha Photography

tamar haytayan

Tamar Haytayan Photography

….and this weeks winner as chosen by Katy Tuttle is Rachel Blackwood’s beautiful image.

rachel blackwood

Rachel Blackwood Photography

In Katy’s own words;  ‘I keep coming back to the subtlety of this photo… the wonderful light, her hair and dress movement and the lift of that little boot.’

Thank you Katy, so much for joining us this week – we were honored to have you.

Lesley-Anne, Erin & Charlotte xoxo

2 thoughts on “‘Movement’ top ten 2/3/14

  1. Meagan Dwyer says:

    Megan Alisa’s image is amazing!! They all are!

  2. Evelyne says:

    Thanks ever so much for including me in this week’s top ten. Such an honour. Congrats to the other photographers as well.

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